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My Approach

"Don't worry about the things of tomorrow because tomorrow comes with its own worries. Today's trouble is enough for today.

-Matthew 6:34-

We can use our past to determine what we can do today to improve our tomorrow. By God's grace, we will prosper with that. The body is a machine and will move as you ask. When movement is faulty in any way our health declines. When our health declines we move less causing more decline.

Even as a seasoned exerciser or athlete there comes a point recovery has to come first.

If it is difficult to perform a basic lunge, for example, it is not wise to load that lunge either with speed or weight.

My Story

I have suffered from an undiagnosed pain condition all my life. In 2004 my chronic pain was so out of control, that I was extremely motivated to do what it takes to find a manageable normal, without reaching for the suggested pain medication. I began with Rodney Yi Yoga videos, which I rented from the Library. Every night, when pain kept me from sleeping, I did yoga until I fell asleep. I also began to research the correlation between food and pain. I probably would need a whole new website just to educate on that.

I became a certified personal trainer in 2005 and began to work at the New Tampa Y in 2006. In 2007 I was certified as a Medical Exercise Specialist and have continued with many more certification including Cycling, Yoga, Strong by Zumba, and Health Coaching. In 2017 I received my Bachelor's Degree in Biological Health Sciences with the hope to get my Master's in Public Health, specializing in epidemiology and chronic disease prevention, eventually.

I absolutely love my job and the people God places in my life to learn from and to see them discover their potential and even new identities. God is so good.


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